January 19, 2016


Elopement Wedding

Last night as I laid in bed and couldn’t fall asleep, I started thinking about 2016 goals. I sometimes am hesitant of making new year resolutions or goals….since let’s be honest….I feel like half of them I barely follow through on. But, I truly believe that I shouldn’t just “give up” or not think about the idea of new accomplishments. Many times I feel like I’ve miserably failed at my new year goals, but when I really stop and think about it, I’ve gained so much more in that past year than I could have dreamed and that it’s completely worth making a new list. If you don’t find yourself with continuing aspirations, does that mean you’ve already got it all? Everyone has room for growth, personal achievements, stronger faith, deeper passion, and even big dreams no matter how achievable they may or may not be.  I know I’m never going to get everything on my wish list, and that’s 100% OK. I also strongly believe I should never get everything on my list. There’s something about learning continued patience, learning to try again and not give up, realizing that not getting everything we want will keep us humble and/or teach us to work harder, and learning that sometimes God’s no leads to a bigger yes. Everything happens for a reason and when the time is right. If you don’t get everything on your list, keep smiling. It’s totally fine, look at everything else you’ve accomplished and be proud.

I have lots of smaller goals that would be nice to achieve, but one of the bigger items that continues to find itself on my list each year is this one. So, let’s try again for 2016: I would beyond LOVE to photograph a wedding or elopement in Colorado! My dates are limited this year, but next year would be just as fantastic too. If you know anyone who is having a destination wedding there, or you have friends from the area, I’d be forever grateful to pass my name along. My heart has been calling for the mountains. I’ve been blessed with beautiful Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri scenery, photographed some gorgeous people in the midwest woods, but my heart is longing for some love in the Rocky Mountains. Only time will tell if and when this dream happens for me.


Lizzie 11:29 February 26, 2016
maybe add to your goal list for 2016 find Lizzie a man in Colorado.

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