March 4, 2016


Friday Focus

Everybody is well aware that we live in a digital era. With that comes the decline of tangible products and the ability to actually hold something beautiful in your hands. What use is a photo if you only ever store it on your hard drive and never share it with others. I know everyone can argue both sides — “If you only store your images on your hard drive and it fails, then you lose everything and can’t get it back so you should print your pictures so you have hard copies.” or “But if I have them printed and not in digital form then if I have a fire or flood, I could lose it all so how is that fail safe? At least I would have my digital copies because I have those backed up to the cloud.” Sure, I can argue both sides and if you want my opinion you should do both: digital backup + tangible product).  We need to think about what is the purpose for a photo. To be looked at, right? To be admired, to bring back memories, to display to brag about how adorable your family is, to hang on the wall for everyone who’s welcomed into your home to see. Come on, you know you want guests to notice and say “I love this! Your family is beautiful! This is such a great picture of you guys!” Admit it 😉

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of the same thing. I have thousands — literally, like a terabyte of digital images of my family just sitting around on my hard drives. But I’ve been making a conscious effort to get them printed in some hard copy format — yearly books of the family, flip books of vacations, prints, canvas art, christmas ornaments, prints for family members during the holidays or birthdays, magnets for the fridge, and more. I think back to childhood memories and something I always loved was sitting down at my Grandma’s house and going through her albums. Hearing the stories of my great-grandparents, of my Grandma’s childhood, her family, seeing pictures of my dad and his siblings, and also seeing the delight in her eyes telling these stories to me, to joy of sharing these moments with her granddaughter. It’s not just a treat for me to see, but for her to be able to share her memories with me and pass on those stories. We host a handful of our family reunions at our place — and even if they’re not at our place — generally you can find someone looking through an album and talking about your family legacy, with someone else proclaiming “I’m next! I want to see it when you’re done.” I cannot stress enough, do something to allow others to hold these memories in their hands too. Even if old prints get shoved away in a box, I promise you they will create an opportunity to give you a good laugh and wide smile when you come upon them again. I just did this a couple weeks ago as my husband and I were cleaning off some shelves in prep for a basement remodel project. I came across a box of old pictures from college. Talk about memory lane; I giggled, I probably got red in the face at some, I cried over a few, I got overjoyed and shouted praise when I came across some that made me shout “ahhhhh! I totally forgot about this! You have to come look at these.” And even better, my daughter asked a million questions of “Who is this? What were you doing here? Is this really you and Dad? You look so funny!” It was great.

A goal of mine is to introduce fine art wedding albums into my collections. I made the leap last year and have already had couples jump at this opportunity. I’m really passionate about these albums and frequently will run sales on them. Please, please consider it. I know they’re a little pricey, but it’s an investment. Things that are worth it in life are generally an investment but are totally and completely worth it.

It’s quite perfect that this little beauty arrived in the mail this week, which is coincidentally one year since I attended the #refreshworkshop in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada last March (if you missed it, check it out here). I’ve been wanting to try out a new vendor for awhile to interview (if you might say) their fine art albums and so these wintry elopement images popped in my head to use since they left me refreshed and inspired which lead to a lot of really great things in twenty fifteen. Let me tell you, this company did not disappoint. The pages are solid, the ink is beautiful and color tones are gorgeous. And the leather….smells….ah-mazing sitting on my desk. These beauties are definitely being added as an option for my clients.  Want to check them out for yourself or know which brilliant vendor they come from? Let’s set up a coffee date! I’d love to show you some of the other albums I have. And really, I don’t need much of an excuse for coffee 😉

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